Voice Actor for Hire

2012-02-09 22:58:34 by somax

Feel free to drop me a line if you need a VA.

I've been working for about 6 years, and have done everything from animations to video games to audio dramas to narrated magazines.

I've posted a short, 2-minute demo that shows off a sample of my range (new one coming fairly soon).

I can do a variety of characters and accents, and can speak both English and French. I also do music (vocals, piano, and guitar, as well as a bit of composing), but that might require some extra negotiations.

I check my PMs at least twice a month, and will write back to you as soon as my schedule permits it.

If you would like to use me for a project, just drop me a note that contains a basic summary of the project, the role or roles you would like me to voice, and any special deadlines (when you would need my lines, a planned release date, and the length of the commitment if it's an on-going project/series). If I'm interested (and have the time), I'll ask you for more information and a script.

I look forward to working with you. :)

And here we go again....

2009-02-06 23:30:42 by somax

Yall know how this works. You give questions, I give answers.

First up!


"saqwert says:




"JustAnotherUser says:

now, that looks more like it"

Indeed! I may end up going to the new underworld movie just to see the lycans.... 0_o


"LoveDDR says:

join a sport
do paint ball
its fun and it hurts
what more can u ask 4"

Yuck. I'm not a sports fan... Je ne suis pas sportive....
Paintball is fun, true, but I like lazer tag better. Just like paintball, but with out the mess and pain.... Plus there are lazers! I have a plasma pistol (halo lazer tag) and it's ever so much fun!


"richler says:

pretty realistic hes so enraged..."

We're talking about the lycan.....right?


"Kibbl3s says:

Do you make flash videos?"

Well, yes and no. I make original animes, but I don't use flash, I have a different program that I find much easier.

Mostly though, I VA for the things. Which reminds me, if anyone's looking for a voice actress, shoot me a PM and I'll send you my resume.


That's it for this time. If you want a question answered, drop a comment and I'll get right back to you....eventually....


(today's moment of awesomeness with be courtesy of the Beatles. Enjoy!

And here we go again....

hello again people

2009-01-16 16:50:29 by somax

so I'm bored again....

and I don't want to study for my econ final.....

so instead, I'm going to use this opportunity to respond to everyone who commented on my last.....well it wasn't really a blog....but you get the idea

and, yes, i know that I can reply directly to comments on the other blog, but I don't feel like doing things the easy way

oh, and if you have questions for me, or just want to see your user name in a blog, then comment and I'll get you next time


"lunardragon96 says:


O-hayo-gozaimasu! O-genki desu ka?


"saqwert says:


Um....I don't do those kinds of pictures.....and you can't have my measurements either.....so yeah......


"Pyrithium says:

wat up babe"

Not much, really. Just procrastinating, waiting to hear back from a producer on a recent audition, suffering both writer's and artist's block, and being angry at my dog for biting me again......


"mad-spyke says:

write something interesting or offensive ^_^"

Oh! Can I write something that's interesting AND offensive? Well, there's a duck (I forget what kind) and it's penis is about twice the length of its body!


"memea says:


if you wanna get yer space filled up then submit stuff like me i have a full space!!!

DO IT!!!"

See the answer I gave Pyrithium above.

I've actually been working on something in secret.....so I'm not going to give any details on it yet.....but I will let you all know when it goes up



"JustAnotherUser says:

well, fill this empty space with awesomeness"

Have you seen the "awesome" series? I'm not sure what I can post that can beat the shear awesomeness of that! So that would make it sort of pointless......
But! I will try. Included with this blog post is a picture of awesomeness: a lycan!! YaY!!!!


And that's all the comments from last time. Again, if you want to be mentioned or answered or you know whatever, then post a comment and I'll answer you next time.

Paige (somax)

There's the lycan!

hello again people


2009-01-04 17:11:22 by somax

I'm not sure what to say......but I'm sick of looking at this empty space on my profile.....so.....